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Pet South America offers several tools
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Pet South America reaches out to
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Pet South America

Consolidated as the most important and complete business platform in the pet and veterinary industry in Latin America, Pet South America is the meeting place for the biggest segments in the market. The event helps to drive the economy in the industry and provides various experiences in just one location. It is currently the fifth largest pet trade show in the world, according to a report from the American Pet Products Association (APPA). Pet South America will help your company to achieve its desired goals. Here, you will find the latest launches and new trends and will also have a complete program of talks and congresses geared towards the scientific and veterinary public as well as towards those interested in management and entrepreneurship.

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Exhibitors and Visitors

“So far the show has surprised me, since our stand is very busy, with lots of new customers. We think that this second day will be even better. We feel Pet South America is important for the marketing action that we are able to do, which is why it is worth it to invest in the stand."

Thais da Costa Silva - Med-Sinal


“This is a very good show. We are able to really get the word out about our latest products to customers, including in countries like Uruguay, Paraguay and Chile. Being here is a way to strengthen relations with customers and create good opportunities with companies we didn't know about."

Luciano Ilário - Perigot


“This is the fourth time we are taking part in the event and it has been great, because we were able to introduce launches, find partners and learn about new projects. Right away on the first day, we found new opportunities and have more meetings scheduled. At Pet South America, we end up welcoming people from various states and from other countries."

Cristiane Gomes - Pity Biju


“Pet South America is a major meeting, since it offers the latest and great business for veterinarians. That is why we are preparing a selection of products focused on fast testing, for example; we are always offering better conditions for visitors."

Arminda Gaspar - CAG at Idexx Laboratories


“We have been show partners for six years and always get great results. Every year we await the event to hold some kind of launch. For small national companies, this is an important investment, because it brings people from across Brazil."

Dalton Ishikawa - Pet Games


“We work to innovate in the pet market. Proof of this is our flip-flop shaped pet bed. Animals can go from the yard and into our beds, and our products are focused on this factor. We take part in international shows in Germany and in the USA, for instance, to find new concepts and ideas."

Luiz Reni - Mec Pet

Commercial Manager

“Our feedback is seeing so many people interested [in starting business on e-commerce platforms]. And this return is very important, because we are adapting the content that we will present. The space inside the show is very interesting as well. This is a meeting attended by many entrepreneurs."

Frederico Cappellato - Dolce Media