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Welcome to PET South America - International Trade Show for Pet Industry Suppliers in Latin America

Main business and update platform for pet and veterinary market in Latin America, Pet South America is more. More information and More valorization to the industry professionals, generating positive business results. It is a complete showcase of trends, solutions and innovation for the market, covering the entire production chain, and also a meeting point for high quality professional updating content.

Highlights of the latest edition: Presence of 24,117 highly qualified professionals; 3,454 veterinarians; 1537 Congress, and 74% are industry professionals; Projects in partnership with leading institutions in the segment, as the Regional Council of Veterinary Medicine of São Paulo (CRMV-SP) and the São Paulo Society of Veterinary Medicine (SPMV); More than 350 national and international brands on display, including 74 entrants and 20 international from 9 countries.

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menosOfficial PET SOUTH AMERICA 2016 Catalog

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São Paulo Expo
Rodovia dos Imigrantes, KM 1,5
Cep: 04329-900 | São Paulo | Brasil

Date & Opening time

August 15th - 17th, 2017
1pm - 9pm


Pet South America is a showcase for the pet and vet sectors in Latin America, and is the main trade fair of this segment. With this profile, Pet represents the perfect space for business generation and a platform of innovative technical-scientific content for the players in the market that are always looking for solutions and innovation in the pet sector.

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