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PET South America International Congress

Focused on quality of content and modernization, the PET South America Congress will surprise everyone in 2018. 
The Congress has major partners in the veterinary segment, guaranteeing quality content (validated and followed trough by our organizing comitee) and attendance by international specialists, such as the NAVC (North American Veterinary Community) and VCA (Veterinary Centers of America).
Among technical panels such as Dentistry, Cardiology, Diagnostic Imaging, Well-being, Ophthalmology, Dermatology, and others the attendees will find innovative, different and inspirational themes. This is what makes this a unique and unmatched event in Brazil. New ways of learning, international talks and modern content serving the latest veterinarian demands.
All presentations will be done simultaneously in a 360° Auditorium, giving participants the freedom to objectively, dynamically and flexibly choose their preferred talk.

Check out some pictures from the 2017 edition



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Register to the International PET South America Congress and be a part of the most innovative event of the sector in Brazil!
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CANCELLATIONS: We do not accept cancellations after the payment has been conffirmed.

TRANSFER: : In case of a substitution, the congress participant must hand in a letter requesting the substitution together with his/her identification document at the event´s registration area. This letter must be signed by the person already registered.

*The access is denied to minors up to 16 years old, even if acomppanied by it's guardian.

**There are limited chairs to each lecture, we advise the participant to arrive early.


Comitê Organizador

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