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Reasons for Exhibiting

Why exhibit at PET South America?

PET South America is the largest trade show in Latin America gathering the entire pet and veterinary production chain, including hygiene and beauty, health, nutrition, equipment, accessories and services. Moreover, it is considered the fifth largest industry event in the world. Every year, the show welcomes over 21,000 visitors, with a qualified public of professionals and entrepreneurs, such as veterinarians, merchants, distributors, groomers, trainers, breeders, retailers and wholesalers.

In addition, the event provides knowledge, with talks and congresses with professionals who are nationally and internationally renowned, further fostering the market. PET South America offers personal and professional growth for participants.

Another important point worth mentioning is that companies can do more than show their products. Exhibitors welcome different suppliers and prospect opportunities and new customers.
General data – Visitors

Did you know?

- Brazil is ranked 5th in number of veterinarians
- This group accounts for 0.38% of the nation's GDP and is growing by around 11% each year. 52% growth in the last five years.
- More than 84,000 active professionals, according to the CFMV – Federal Board of Veterinary Medicine
- Areas of action – over 80 possibilities – such as: animal reproduction and production, research, development and agribusiness, public health, inspection and food technology, pet shop, and more.
- Broad labor market: public and private companies, breeders, environmental protection areas, packing plants, veterinary clinics and hospitals, manufacturers, biotech labs and clinics, vivariums, zoos, parks and nature reserves.

- Growth of 17.6% in the number of dogs and cats in Brazil, according to the IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics)
- 59% of homes have some kind of pet, with 44% having at least one dog and 16% having one cat, according to an estimate by the IBOPE (Brazilian Institute of Public Opinion and Statistics).
Pet ownership

Brazilian behavior in relation to their pets:
They spend - R$ 300 per month on dogs and R$ 120 on cats, on average;
Pets are considered family members. 43% of pets sleep in their owners' beds;
They invest in animal health. 70% of veterinarians say that owners are more aware of advances in veterinary medicine and the health of their pets.

Visitor Testimonials

"We always visit the show in search of information and new products. I think that this edition of PET South America is one of the best in the last seven years. The first day is packed; we noticed new companies among others that are back again, in addition to the aquarium area."
Fábio Perini, owner of F&F Pet Center
"The show is very much geared towards bathing and grooming. We found good accessories to help us at work, such as tweezers and veterinary products."
Débora Boschi, veterinarian

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